Paintball is a sport fueled by excitement and adrenaline; proper attention to safety can also make it safe and family-friendly.  At Judgement Day, the safety of our guests, staff and spectators is our top priority.

Preparing for Play:

Proper field attire will enhance your safety, comfort and enjoyment of the game. We recommend the following attire during play:

  • Long sleeves & long pants
  • Dark or camouflage clothing
  • Shoes or boots you can run in
  • Gloves
  • Bandana (for neck protection)
  • A baseball cap to protect the top and back of your head
  • We would also suggest that you wear the same personal protection that you would wear during gym class(cups ect)
  • A positive attitude

Keep in mind that while vegetable-based paintballs are washable, some discoloration may remain on light-coloured clothing. Dirt and grass are factors on our outdoor field, so come prepared to have fun and get dirty! A change of clothes/shoes and a towel to clean up before the ride home is also a great idea.

Please pack non-alcoholic beverages and snacks as we do not have a snack bar on site at this time. Judgement Day Paintball is a family-friendly facility. Sportsmanlike behaviour is encouraged at all times and alcohol is not permitted.

Paintball-approved eye protection is essential:

  • Never remove your mask/goggles in the field, in elimination zones or at any time during play
  • Never fire your marker when you (or someone nearby) is not wearing proper paintball-approved eye protection

Using a Paintball Marker:

  • Do not handle a paintball marker while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Never shoot at a person with intent to harm them; never shoot at animals
  • On the field, try to minimize the amount of time you spend out in the open. Obstacles can provide cover should you need a break or the chance to reload
  • Paintball velocities fluctuate; chronograph your marker several times throughout the day
  • When you are eliminated, raise your hands, call "OUT" as loud as you can and walk off the field
  • Do not remove your goggles until you are back in the safe zone
  • Keep your marker safety switch in the "safe" position at all times when not in play
  • If your marker has a power feed, keep it in the "off" position when not in play
  • In designated safe zones, ALWAYS cover the barrel of your marker with an approved barrel sleeve (barrel plugs are not permitted)
  • Remove all power sources prior to disassembling your paintball marker
  • In many cases, markers can fire even after the pressure cylinder (HPA or C02) has been removed. Always wear goggles when working on your marker.
  • Do not attempt to alter pressure cylinders or valves
  • Discharge and unload your marker prior to storage and transportation
  • Only pressurize your marker when you are ready to use it
  • Do not shoot anything from your marker other than water-soluble paintballs
  • Paintball paint can discolour or damage finished surfaces. Do not shoot cars, homes or items with finished surfaces 
  • RULES  
  • Every  Every player MUST "Sign In" before play begins and "Sign Out" when they are finished for the day.
  • Mask MUST be worn at all times when on the playing field.
  • If you lost your mask coverage, call "MASK", play will stop & then resume when the mask is again in place.
  • Barrel socks MUST be in place when not on the playing field.
  • No "First Strike" ammo allowed on this field.
  • No weaponry over 280fps. Personal markers must be  adjusted to this specification by the owner before being allowed on the field.
  • All markers must be chronographed on the day of play.
  • Due to environmental concerns ONLY FIELD PAINT purchased on the day of play at our field store is allowed to be used on our field. No reimbursed for unused paintballs. You can take as much paint on the field as you wish, but you cannot get more once the game has started.
  • NO scavenging paintballs from the ground for safety reasons. A stone picked up and mixed in by mistake could cause an injury.
  • Referee decisions are FINAL.
  • No crossing out of the marked play area.
  • No shooting at buildings, signs, vehicles, compound or anything in the compound. This is grounds for ejection.
  • No shooting at referees or time keepers.
  • No shooting at "Dead" players (anyone with their arms in the air exiting the field).
  • Any player hit must exit the field. A player is out of the game is he/she is hit by a paintball that breaks on clothing, marker or equipment - no matter whether by a n opposing player or a teammate (friendly fire). Call "HIT", hold your marker over your head and leave the playing field by the shortest and safest route.
  • The "Walking Dead" don't talk!
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for ejection.
  • No drugs or alcohol on the property. Intoxicated players will not be allowed on the field.
  • This is a family field. Please keep your language civil.