Please read the following rules carefully. If you have any questions, please ask a member of our staff.
Keep your goggles or mask on at all times while on the playing field. Do not lift or remove them/it for any reason. If you need to make an adjustment please exit the playing field.
Barrel Blocking Devices (Barrel Bags, Barrel Socks, etc) must be on your barrel any time you are not on the playing field. Barrel Plugs are not permitted.
Only discharge your paintball marker on the playing field or at the target range.
Do NOT dry fire your marker in the staging area.
Please do NOT shoot at officials or animals. Disregard of this rule will result in your expulsion form the game without a refund.
Shooting over the fence toward the compound or the building will result in your expulsion from the game without a refund and you will be held financially responsible for any damages.
Please notify the staff if you have any health issues that may affect you while playing (ie: asthma, allergies, etc.).
Alcohol and other intoxicants are not permitted. If you appear to be under the influence you will be asked to leave without a refund.
Games will begins and end as sounded by your official.
Please treat your marker as though it is always loaded and ready to fire.
All players must set their markers to semi-auto only (no ramping, no burst, etc) unless otherwise indicated and approved by Management.
All markers much be chronographed before entering the playing field using field paint purchased on the current day. Field speed is 280 fps.
Take care when moving throughout the playing field. Many obstacles are arranged for your playing enjoyment.
If at any time you require first aid or assistance of any kind, please notify a staff member immediately and they will help you out. A telephone is available should you require it.
Paintball is an intense, action-packed sport. Please pace yourself as needed.
I hereby release any photo or video images to be used by Judgement Day Paintball and/or Roka Billiards & Games for promotion and/or advertising.
I am aware that my person, clothing, belongings and/or vehicle may come into contact with paintballs and/or paintball splatter.
I have read the above rules and the second page of this waiver form: _________ (player initials)

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