Welcome 2019 with an "End of Christmas Holidays" Specially Priced Open Play Day!

We'll be using player friendly Low Impact equipment for this event.

Visit our retail store at 85 Broadway in Tillsonburg for an ever-changing selection of paintball markers and airsoft rifles and pistols at prices that will blow you away! We are always on the lookout for amazing deals. Drop in and ask us to show you what's new at Judgement Day!

Out at the field we are excited to announce that we are offering a LOW IMPACT paintball option  ( 50 Cal.) for some of our younger players. This will be using REAL paintball guns (not the spring operated version) so you will still get all the sound and excitement of 68 cal paintball without the high impact. Low impact hits with approx. 1/3 the force of traditional paintball so if you prefer not to have the purple battle trophies then the 50 cal would be a great option for you.