BT Omega Killhouse Edition

C$249.99 C$229.99


Hit the field with the latest and greatest from Killhouse Weapon Systems! The Killhouse Weapon Systems Omega Paintball Gun is a custom built BT Omega that is packed with awesomeness. The base of the gun is the tried and true, ultra rugged and reliable BT Omega. That's where the likeness stops. The Killhouse Weapon Systems Omega Paintball Gun includes several Killhouse Weapon Systems enhancements which allow you to perform more effectively on the field.

Included with the Killhouse Weapon Systems Omega is the 16" Killhouse Headhunter Barrel. This barrel will be more accurate and more customizable then almost any other one piece barrel out there. The Killhouse Headhunter barrel features a removable tip to allow you to customize your gun further. Simply order any of the alternative tips and thread them on! The Killhouse Headhunter series is fully compatible with Headhunter Supressors, Petrol Tips, as well as LAPCO tips, giving you plenty of options.

Not only do you receive a high quality barrel with your Killhouse Weapon Systems Omega Paintball Gun,. This barrel shroud will sit securely on your Killhouse Headhunter Barrel and enable you to add on any picatinny accessories you want.

 The  Stock is fully adjustable with 6 lengths to choose from. Not only is the  Stock quick and easy to install, but it also features an shielded and easy to use operation lever. Combine this with the rubber shoulder brace to stop your stock from slipping when you fire along with a comfortable cheek mount and you have the perfect stable, lightweight stock.

Each Killhouse Weapon Systems Omega Paintball Gun will also include a super sweet Tan Killhouse Weapon Systems patch,  and a barrel bag.

  • Empire BT Omega base
  • 16" Killhouse Headhunter Barrel
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Removable barrel tip
  • Sling loop
  • Killhouse Weapon Systems Patch

Note: Some basic assembly required.