Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy

Trigger HappyTrigger HappyTrigger Happy

We offer the best paintball experience in the area. Regular or low-impact rentals available. Book your group or party today!

About Us

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Airsoft & Paintball gear & accessories, field bookings & top-notch service. Co-located with Roka Billiards & Games

85 Broadway St., Tillsonburg, ON

(519) 842-8585

Paintball Field


Reserve today for your group, event or party. Standard or low-impact rentals. 

Located at 2047 Highway 3,

just east of Delhi.

Call (519) 842-8585 to book. 

Low Impact Option


Great for younger players or first-timers, our low impact (50 caliber) gear, rentals and ammo offer all the noise & fun of regular paintball with 1/3 the impact. Perfect for parties & corporate events!